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15:07, 19 Oct 2011

The Danube Box: Water education kit for teachers

The Danube Box is one of the most successful activities among the public participation efforts of the ICPDR. This teaching kit for teachers is designed to help educate children between the ages of 8 and 13. Via 10,000 Danube Boxes produced and distributed so far, more than a million school children could be reached. The box was distributed in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. A Serbian version is due to be launched in autumn 2012.

11:37, 01 Aug 2011

Water Tour promotes wise use of water in Central and Eastern Europe

WWF's Water Tour - a road show which will tour Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania until the end of 2012 to raise public awareness of water and water resources – has made its first stop in the city of Budapest on Danube Day.

14:59, 28 Jun 2011

Danube Day invites you to celebrate one of Europe's greatest rivers

Danube Day is a celebration of a cleaner, safer river following 17 years of international cooperation. Huge festivals on the banks of the rivers; public meetings and fun, educational events pay tribute to the Danube, its peoples and the progress that has been made.

14:58, 28 Jun 2011

Celebrate a Danube Summer in Serbia

Danube Day 2011 in Serbia is the biggest yet with 100 events being planned by over 300 organisations in 25 locations! Activities across the country stretch from June to September: not just a Danube Day but a Danube Summer!

14:55, 28 Jun 2011

Danube + to launch on Danube Day

Danube Day, the annual celebration of the world’s most international river, is this year being marked with the launch of Danube +, an interactive map-based platform which will expand understanding of the river and the challenges and opportunities it presents.