The Great White Pelican


The Great White Pelican, Pelecanus onocrotalus, also known as the Eastern White Pelican or White Pelican, is a bird in the pelican family. The Great White Pelicans’ main habitat is restricted to the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine, although they are also native to Asia and Africa.

The Great White Pelican is classified as rare: there are fewer than 10,000 mating pairs worldwide. The European mating population is around 4,100 pairs. 70% of all Great White Pelicans worldwide congregate in the summer in the Danube Delta.

They prefer extensive swamps with open waters on lakes, landlocked seas, lagoons and large river deltas. The bodies of water should have plenty of fish and aquatic plant life. They mate in large colonies of up to 3000 birds and hunt in groups. Great White Pelicans are sensitive to disturbances in their mating area.


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