Djerdap National Park


The Djerdap National Park is the largest national park and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia. It was established in 1974 to protect and improve the unique natural and cultural values of the area.

The Djerdap National Park stretches along the right bank of the Danube River, spreading over 640 square kilometres. The Danube forms a huge part of the Djerdap National Park. The main attraction of the Djerdap National Park is the Djerdap gorge - the famous Iron Gate - the dramatic gateway of the Danube through the Carpathian mountains. At 100 km, this is the longest gorge in Europe. The cliffs of the canyon here are 300 meters high while the riverbed in this part is narrowed down to 150 meters.

The territory of the national park is filled with a series of other important features: abundant animal and especially plant life, attractive surroundings and landscapes, including a lake formed by the building of the hydroelectric power plant "Djerdap" (Iron Gates).


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