The Living Danube Tour is picking up speed

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The educational road show will be in 5 states in CEE

WWF’s Living Danube Tour is picking up speed in 5 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The education show was already in Hungary in March and April. Visitors hear stories about river inhabitants, what keeps rivers healthy and what destroys their balance, putting species and people at risk by depleting water resources and reducing climate change, flood protection and food resources. The tour is sponsored by Coca Cola and is part of a seven-year partnership aiming to restore vital wetlands and floodplains along the Danube.

During the tour, children play interactive games and learn about various river inhabitants, the difficulties they face in their daily lives, like pollution, and what WWF and they can do to help animals and plants survive. They also order a giant puzzle representing Danube species and answer questions about them. The ones who do best are awarded badges and stickers. See the photos for a good view of each game. 
The tour kicked off in Budapest, Hungary, on March 21 -- a day before World Water Day, and also visited Pés. On March 22, WWF launched theLiving Danube online game in 5 languages – English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Serbian. The game is educational and leads people through the major dangers facing rivers.
The tour was also on the Bled Lake in northwest Slovenia on the weekend of 9-10 May in the context of the 2015 World Rowing Cup.WWF Adria and the International Rowing Federation FISA work together globally to raise awareness of freshwater challenges and mobilizes rowers around the world to set new standards in sports events sustainability, especially in terms of clean water. About 300 school students attended the tour in Slovenia.
Here are the cities the Living Danube Tour will visit:
May 15          Pleven
May 16, 17    Rousse
May 18          V. Tarnovo
May 20          Tryavna
May 21          Gabrovo
June 3           Drobeta Turnu-Severin
June 5, 6       Bucharest
June 9           Constanta
June 11         Tulcea
June 12         Mahmudia
June 27/ 29   Vukovar 
June 30         Osijek
July 2             Koprivnica, Croatia
July 3,4          Zagreb, Croatia
Dates to be determined

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